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Rapid Response’s Auto-Notification Services enable you and your customers to make real-time informed decisions from anywhere. While the monitoring center takes action, text messages, push or e-mail notifications will inform you and your customers of unfolding situations that may require immediate attention or response.

The Rapid Response Auto-Notification system utilizes…


  • Bi-directional SMS
  • Push–Notification
  • Secure Group–Chat
  • Email

Keeps dealers, technicians and customers informed and in touch.

  • Instant Notification of any urgent situation or request for emergency service.
  • Dealers are notified instantly with information needed for critical decisions and quick response.
  • Customers are immediately involved in the decision to dispatch, cancel or respond, lowering the chance of a false alarm.


Test Systems or Designate No-Action

Auto-notification is also for testing systems and putting accounts on No-Action, with all signals that triggered during a set test time quickly relayed to waiting technicians.


Message Backup

All messages are backed up to Rapid Response’s exclusive Inbound Response Interface System (IRIS) and are also viewable through RapidLink3k, RapidWeb and other Dealer Access tools.

Bi–Directional SMS

  • Allows immediate bi-directional communication.
  • Instant text messages between the Central Station and client-dealers are transmitted to and from dealers’ mobile devices.
  • Transmissions are quick, concise, and complete.


  • An immediate alert to your Android™ or Apple® device.
  • Notification includes event information and hyperlink to Event History in designated Rapid Response App.
  • App choices include:
    • MySecurity Account
    • MySecurity Account Pro
    • Rapidmobile

Secure Group–Chat

  • Responsible parties are instantly informed by automatic SMS message with hyperlink to chat, account name and event description.
  • Chat participants can request dispatch, cancel alarm, report a user is responding and schedule a No-Action.
  • Provides other options: view alarm history, upload photos.


  • A convenient and widely supported option transmitting more detailed account information.
  • Can be customized to verify receipt of e-mails.
  • Includes option of automatic verification procedures through Rapid Response’s proprietary Computer Telephony Interface (CTI) application.

For detailed information on how Auto-Notification can best be applied to the success of your business, contact Rapid Response at Sales@rrms.com or 800.558.7767.

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