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Medical Monitoring

Giving Customers A Second Chance
With 77 million Baby Boomers entering their senior years, Rapid Response considers Medical Monitoring (PERS and mPERS) a major segment of the monitoring space. In 2009, we launched the LifeSafety Monitoring Division to serve those who want to maintain their independence, knowing they are protected by a dedicated organization, employing the most advanced monitoring technologies, including GPS and Fall-detection, as well as specialists, most EMD/EMT certified, who are chosen for their exceptional customer service and comforting manner.

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LifeSafety Monitoring accounts are fully integrated into the dealer account database, allowing full account management features through proprietary LifeSafety dealer connectivity services.


LifeSafety Monitoring Apps are designed specifically for your customers to manage their PERS accounts, allowing them to view their account information and alarm history and put their systems on or off test status.



For detailed information on how LifeSafety Monitoring can best be applied to the success of your business, contact Rapid Response at Sales@rrms.com or 800.558.7767.

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