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Basic Overview of Features:

  • Advanced Search and Browse
  • Send Alarm Cancel Request
  • Enter No-action/Live-test
  • Passcode Lookup
  • View Test Results
  • View Account History (Auto-refresh)
  • View Recent Alarms
  • View Real-time Signal Activity
  • View Account Data by Category
  • View Sub-account Groups
  • View Zone Data
  • View Open/Close Schedule
  • View Bad Phone List
  • View and Upload Account Documents
  • View Sureview Clips
  • View Videofied® Clips
  • View DSC Neo/System V Image and Video
  • Hear Voice Recordings
  • Activate Accounts
  • View/Edit Account (Level 7)
    • Contacts
    • Phone Numbers
    • Passcodes
    • Medical Data
    • Many More
  • View Address in Interactive Map
  • View/Add/Delete Memos
  • Views Based on User History
  • Efficient Navigation
  • Choose Color Themes

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For detailed information on how MySecurity Account Pro can best be applied to the success of your business, contact Rapid Response at Sales@rrms.com or 800.558.7767.

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