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Two-Way Voice

Two-way Voice Verification may be a more economical option than Video Monitoring, and, in most cases, overcomes residential subscribers’ concerns regarding an invasion of privacy– their common objection to Video Monitoring– increasing a dealer’s chances of securing the account.


Morever, many home or business systems already have integrated audio speakers and receivers built-in and can be programmed to include Two-way service. Others are designed to receive an interface card that works seamlessly with the installed system to support the service.

How does it work?

  • The Two-way Voice system automatically vectors signals to operators specially trained to handle quickly unfolding situations.
  • Once an alarm has been received, a Control Center Specialist can listen in and, if no threatening sounds or voices are overheard, communicate directly with the premises.
  • The operator gains immediate verification of the situation and avoids a false alarm mitigating the ‘verified response’ issues that have lead many police jurisdictions around the country to require verification before a response will be dispatched.
  • Depending on subscriber preferences, most Two-way enabled accounts display medical histories, outstanding security issues, and other information helpful to the operator in assessing the situation and to the authorities asked to respond.

For detailed information on how Two-Way Voice can best be applied to the success of your business, contact Rapid Response at Sales@rrms.com or 800.558.7767.

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