Tech Center is an interactive response service utilizing Natural Language Speech Recognition technology and is accessed by any phone.

About Tech Center


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    Several accounts can be processed during a single call. Partitioned and linked accounts are handled similarly. An option to speak with a Control Center Specialist is available if the technician requires clarification or is made aware of more complex account issues during the Tech Center call. Technicians will find the service fast, convenient, and easy to use both in the office and in the field.

    Without going through the monitoring center, the technician is:

    • Greeted by an automated voice attendant
    • Prompted to provide identifying information
    • Prompted to provide account information requests, speaking normally.
    • Further prompts guide the technician through each process.

    Tech Center options include:

    • Placing an account on No Action or Two-way Live Test
    • Accessing account history
    • Retrieving specific account information including account names, phone numbers, address, and zone descriptions.