Our mission is to protect lives and property. It is a goal we share with all our Dealers and, as such, makes it a first priority that our Dealers succeed in fulfilling their business goals and in protecting the lives and property of those who depend on them.

Our Commitment to Clients


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    Our commitment to clients takes many forms:

    • Investment in secure facilities, state-of-the-art technological systems, and redundant systems.
    • Innovative software technologies and proprietary systems developed in-house.
    • Recruitment of highly qualified personnel, intensive formal training, and ongoing education.
    • New products and services to support changing populations and dealer requirements.
    • Support services to aid in dealer transitions into the Rapid Response family, facilitate resolutions, and to provide analytics and improved reporting.
    • Technical Support from dedicated personnel to provide immediate and experienced help for dealers and field personnel.

    The Company remains committed to its original objective–serving dealers who want to exceed the expectations of their own subscribers–and to a continued investment in superior people, technology and programs.