Rapid Response won’t just monitor your customers; we will practically guarantee your business success.

I know that’s a bold statement, and I don’t make it lightly. At Rapid Response Monitoring, we set goals with the intention of surpassing them. We have never been satisfied with the “status quo” of our industry and never will be. Our dedication to excellence and our commitment to lead the industry rather than follow the pack keeps us far ahead of our competitors, while our highly trained, uniquely qualified and comprehensive Monitoring Center and Dealer Support Service divisions provide our Dealers with next generation technology and expert support.

From the President


Technology and service are equally instrumental in satisfying the needs of you, the Dealer, and those of your customers. Dealers who select Rapid Response are able to provide beyond-state-of-the-art monitoring technology as well as gain access to a multitude of personalized services that will enhance their day-to-day business operations.

In this highly competitive industry, Rapid Response Monitoring has dedicated all of its resources to continuously providing the latest and most innovative monitoring packages in the world. This site will clearly illustrate the advantages of partnering with Rapid Response as your monitoring center. At Rapid Response Monitoring, the technology and services of tomorrow are here for you today.

Jeffrey Atkins, President
Rapid Response Monitoring