Wireless Communications allow connectivity for transmissions from locations where landline service has been dropped in favor of cellular or VoIP phone service, and where no landlines are available. They provide greater security, diverse application and reliability, and they seamlessly integrate with the more advanced technologies we support in Video and GPS Monitoring.

Networks & Standards We Support

Rapid Response Monitoring supports the following networks and standards:

  • Internet, IP
  • Cellular networks, GSM/CDMA
  • Wireless mesh-networks, Proprietary combined with IP
  • GPS, Satellite combined with IP

IP Monitoring Services

In concert with industry leaders like Bosch®, Digital Security Controls®, Interlogix, Fire-Lite®, Honeywell and others, Rapid Response offers the most advanced and secure IP Monitoring services in the industry today, from superior encryption to TCP/IP compatibility to Supervision Polling.

Each offers its own variances and advantages but all are designed, implemented and supported to assure our dealers optimum performance.