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Rapid Response’s GPS technology monitoring services offer the most advanced mobile tracking capabilities in the world. Specially trained members of its Complex-Accounts Team monitor both dynamic account activity, reported in real-time, and recurrent account activity that does not require immediate data retrieval.


Today, GPS is also used to support mobile PERS services (mPERS), providing added protection for the elderly and handicapped who want to maintain their independence away from home. They can be confident that, should their circumstances or health worsen, their monitoring service and contacts will be notified of their location immediately. The same service can also be used for lone worker safety.


Rapid Response monitors the following industry-leading location-based services:

  • Contigo Systems, Inc. for Fleet, Asset & Personnel Management and Lone Worker Safety
  • LogicMark for mobile PERS
  • MobileHelp® for mobile PERS and Medical Alert systems
  • Numera™ for mobile PERS and Medical Alert systems
  • SecuraTrac for mobile PERS
  • Honeywell Total Connect™ for Tracking Services

For detailed information on how our GPS Technology can best be applied to the success of your business, contact Rapid Response at Sales@rrms.com or 800.558.7767.

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