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Hosted CSaaS Monitoring SolutionS

Deploy the full force of our technology and infrastructure so you can focus on delivering service, not maintaining hardware.

Stop writing checks for endless hardware upgrades.

Access our technical, communication, and power infrastructure while maintaining your in-house signal processing and response staff. We call it CSaaS: Central Station as a Service.

Gain the multi-redundancy of our monitoring command centers while delivering greater reliability and security for your customers. Hardened, secure facilities control access to your information, world-class data centers assure speed and cybersecurity, and power redundancy ensures maximum up-time.

Your customers don’t need to understand the infrastructure that goes into supporting the backend of their service, but they will certainly notice if it’s not the best they deserve. Deploy the best infrastructure in the industry with our
Hosted CSaaS Monitoring Solution.


Hosted Monitoring


With our CSaaS Monitoring service, you gain the reliability benefit of our multi-redundancies, the efficiency of full access to our advanced automation, and the power of our proprietary suite of notification tools. We host your alarm processing automation, receive all alarm traffic, and act as an emergency hot redundant center in the event that your central station goes down.

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Receiver Hosting Capabilities


Our dual full-capacity data centers are equipped with virtually all known receivers and platforms. API integrations for major platforms such as, Telular, etc. are also key resources. You will have access to the Immix® CS platform integration, native support for Bosch, AXIS, Avigilon, CHeKT, DSC, and Videofied video platforms, as well as access to established AES Networks and NMS support among many others.

When it comes to capacity, we provide our partners with thousands of dial-up channels on Bosch, DMP, and Sur-Gard. You’ll have unlimited API support for signal service delivery. Your business will never run out of reliable capacity because all of these specifications are fully redundant in both of our data centers.

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More Hosting Partnerships


Beyond our CSaaS service, we can partner with your business at a more integrated level. Learn how Hybrid CSaaS Monitoring works as a fully-customizable solution.



Interested in exiting in-house monitoring operations entirely? Our specialized Central Station Sunset solution provides you with complete infrastructure & monitoring service support.