Hosted Hybrid

Hosted Monitoring Partnership

Choose what suits your future best… Rapid Cloud, Rapid Cloud with Backup, Hybrid Monitoring or Full Sunset

Flexible Options, Certain Results

Integrate the huge changes that have reshaped our industry, and gain multi-redundancy, advanced automation and notification tools, and greater security for you and your customers.


Rapid Cloud Hosted Monitoring

We host the alarm processing automation, receive all alarm traffic, and your team provides monitoring service for your customers using our infrastructure. You gain our multi-redundancies and full access to our advanced automation and proprietary suite of notification tools.

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Rapid Cloud with Backup

All the benefits of Rapid Cloud with the added security of Rapid Response acting as an emergency hot redundant center to your center(s). We would be able to take over monitoring of your accounts in real-time during an event affecting any of your center(s).

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Hybrid Monitoring

We would provide monitoring services for a pre-defined selection of accounts, while you continue to monitor the balance of your accounts using our alarm receiving infrastructure.