Elite Team Specialists | Rapid Response Monitoring Services
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We have only one standard of service: Excellence. Elite Specialists ensure consistent service for complex & rare signals.

First class service. Second to none.

There is no better or worse Monitoring Specialist on our operations team—every team member executes to the same industry-leading quality standards. When it comes to uniquely complex action plans, rare signal events, or validating new action plans immediately after the transfer, the Elite Team is a group that specializes in assuring consistency when delivering our standard of service in these special cases.

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Every Specialist serving in monitoring operations must graduate through a series of skillsets with training for each application of professional monitoring. The Elite Team knows all of these skillsets, which prepares them to manage the intricacies of complex monitoring scenarios that fall outside the traditional applications of our service or combine action plans from multiple types of monitoring technologies.

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Some signal types and event codes come in so infrequently that it takes a specialized team to have up-to-date response training to serve them effectively and efficiently. Elite Specialists focus on the least common monitored alerts ensures that every signal we receive is given our elevated standard of service, regardless of rarity.


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The first few months after accounts are transferred is an especially critical time for your business. We are translating over customer expectations, action plans, and formatting from your prior monitoring provider—oftentimes with key service and process upgrades. The final step is to have the Elite Team vet and optimize the monitoring process to ensure the best for your accounts.



Elite Team Specialists are specially trained and chosen for their broad experience,
meticulous attention to detail, and their exceptional accuracy. Further, candidates must
exhibit mastery of all monitoring operation skillsets before qualifying for the team. The
result is that the same exceptional quality of care is guaranteed in every scenario the
team encounters.



Team members provide all services to the accounts under their purview without tapping into the rest of the operations department. These services include alarm monitoring, answering service, video monitoring, GPS monitoring, and more. This strategy ensures self-contained service for qualifying accounts, including those requiring special clearance.