Our people make the difference

Building a team with the most highly qualified and trained personnel in the business is an ideal on which we were founded.


In our quest to provide unmatched service over the years, we have defined our hiring process to allow us to offer the industry’s best customer services. Only 3% of applicants are hired at Rapid Response. We require a minimum two-year college degree of equivalent military service, and we conduct a full pre-employment screening, including multiple psychological tests, drug testing, and background checks.

Initial Training

All new hires must complete an intensive six-week corporate certified training program. Trainees are provided thorough critical event and adverse situational training within the classroom, within the monitoring center under the tutelage of trainers and hands-on monitored by supervisory staff.

Quality Assurance

Ensuring the service we provide is always of the highest quality is of extreme importance to us. Our Quality Assurance Team regularly reviews Specialists’ response to calls and alarm handling. Management holds meetings to discuss the results: successes and opportunities for improvement, to continually improve service levels and grow our employees.

Specialized Skillsets

Our in-house Training Department provides on-going training for all Specialists as well as advanced modules on Two-way, PERS, mPERS, GPS, Video, SONITROL, Inbound Call Handling and Answering Service. We also offer a Spanish language college level course.