Data Entry Team | Rapid Response Monitoring Services
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Specializing in dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s, this team ensures accuracy everywhere it counts: everywhere.

There’s no such thing as “too type-A.”

Accuracy Assured. Data Entry Services is responsible for activating and maintaining your accounts. This is a group of experts chosen for their efficiency, accuracy, and professionalism to ensure quick turnaround and proactive support. These Data Entry Specialists are tested for the highest levels of attention to detail and thrive in the exacting, process-oriented work they do for you.

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You either get a lot of value from a monitoring provider who staffs a proper team to manage account set up, or you risk a lot of errors with providers who skip this investment. Creating accurate new accounts is not a secondary function that can be picked up in between support calls. Verifying the accuracy of the names, addresses, phone numbers, and other vital information can be the difference between life and death.

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Around-the-clock safety & security systems deserve around-the-clock support. We staff Data Entry 24/7 because we believe that if your techs are on call, we should be on call. When you need to update existing accounts, we’re on call. When you need account testing support, we’re on call. Whether it’s two o’clock in the morning or four in the afternoon. Maintenence should be proactive, and so the Data Entry team is on call in anticipation of your business needs.

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The only constant in business is change. When buying or selling accounts there is a lot of backend data management work that goes into keeping everything running smoothly for your customers. Our Data Entry team is part of the group that partners with you to ensure seamless service, accurate assignments of new account numbers, as well as updating permissions and account access levels for new technicians.



Staffed in lockstep with our monitoring operations department, Data Entry provides direct enhancements to the service your customers and subscribers experience. Pre-verified jurisdictions ensure the right contact info for the right AHJ and first responding authorities, saving critical seconds in an emergency response. Further, when Monitoring Specialists flag accounts with bad numbers or runaway signals, Data Entry investigates and follows up making corrections in real-time. Complete, current, and correct is the minimum standard, and these Data Entry services are included as part of our standard monitoring offering.


Having a dedicated team means we can add value beyond accuracy from day one. One such practice is geotagging account locations to enhance service calls and emergency responses. We will pin exact locations within complex facilities or campus environments so first responders know exactly where to arrive for an emergency. This data will also appear in RapidMobile to support your technicians with knowing beyond simple the street address which building number in a multi-site account needs service. Take more efficient and informed action when you have pinpoint Data accuracy.