You should judge your Professional Monitoring partner on a bad day, not a good one. So when it comes to judging us, don’t just take our word for it — these voices from the industry have real stories to share.

The Voices of Experience

Hearing from us isn’t enough to make an informed decision about your next monitoring partner. We believe that although we are passionate about all that we do, it is our Dealers’ passion about our service that truly tells the story. Learn about the decisions they made that changed the way they do business and what they value most in their relationship with Rapid Response Monitoring.

They are the most thorough monitoring center we have ever seen.

Marshall Resnick | Owner
Ultimate Security Systems, Inc.

Every time we find a new technology and call Rapid, they already knew about it and are on top of it.

Dave Spiess | Owner
Select Security Systems, Inc.

They are our front line, and they do a fantastic job representing our company.

Marc Spiess | Vice President
Select Security Systems, Inc.

Rapid Response puts its Dealers first at all times.

Fritz Englade Sr. | Owner
River Parish Security Systems, Inc.

They give us that peace of mind.

Fritz Englade Jr. | Vice President
River Parish Security Systems, Inc.

Rapid really knows how to support the local independent security dealer.

Eddie Harden | Owner
Prestige Alarm & Specialty Products

If you want to be number one, you have to partner with the best, not the cheapest

Richie Petitbon | President
Petitbon Alarm Company

We are an independent company located in Colorado, but Rapid’s service makes us feel like they are right next door.

John Holder | President
Holder Security

You get 10 times more than you pay for at Rapid Response and so we’ve been here, and we’re staying here, and we’re not going anywhere else.

Anthony Dohrmann | Chairman
Electronic Caregiver, SameDay Security, Inc.

They are always responsive and professional and they always provide the support we need

Jason Harpster | General Manager
Central Security Systems, Inc.

From the very beginning, Rapid has always been there for us when we needed it.

Herman Tucker | Chairman & President
Bermuda Security Group Limited

Partnering with Rapid Response is the single best decision I have made for my company!

Mike Roberts | President
Allied Alarm Services, Inc.

Rapid Response provides us with a monitoring solution and a partnership that we couldn’t get elsewhere!

James Lee | President
Alarmguard Security, Inc.

They give us the confidence to face business challenges with one less concern.

Yat-Pui Au | Vice President
AEC Alarms

Nobody takes it to the Nth degree like they do

Rex Verley | CEO
NextGen Monitoring

Rapid Response provided a huge extension to grow our business

Dee Ann Harn | CEO
RFI Enterprises, Inc.

They have exceeded our expectations year after year

Bret Resnick | President
Ultimate Security Systems, Inc.

They are human support in a technical world

Keith Fisher | Owner
Keyth Security

Using them every day has made our staff more efficient and our business more successful

Dick Harpster | Owner
Central Security Systems, Inc.

I don’t know if it’s magic, but they just handle things

Colette Came | Owner
Came Security Alarms

They are a partner you can truly count on

Yat-Cheong Au | President
AEC Alarms