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Hybrid CSaaS Monitoring PArtnership

Share the load. Select a custom share of your monitoring operations to keep in-house; we’ll monitor the rest and host all automation & receiving infrastructure.

Divide and Monitor

Using our monitoring services for a pre-defined selection of your accounts enables your business to scale by leveraging our infrastructure while keeping some monitoring operations in-house. That’s the power of CSaaS: Central Station as a Service.

To grow, you need reliability and security — and to have those, multi-redundancy is critical. Partnering with a provider who has already invested in the power, data, telecom, and security redundancy you need is a shortcut to accelerating your business and revenue growth. Hybrid partners also rely on our hardened, secure facilities, world-class data centers, and power supply redundancy to refocus on increasing the quality of their customer service and installations.

Whether you’re pursuing growth or service quality, we have your scenario covered. Leverage the best infrastructure in the industry with a fully-customizable Hybrid Monitoring partnership.

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Positioned for Scale


For your business to grow, you need a partner who is already positioned to get you there. Our robust, flexible technology is attractive for both new entrants to the industry and innovators looking for new potential monitoring verticals. As such, we have a diverse mix of established customers, which allows for us to share best practices with you from independent, and importantly, non-competing companies.

It’s equally important to have partner facilities that you won’t outgrow. We operate two 24/7 Command Centers, each with a monitoring center and full-load capable data center, and one 24/7 Customer Care Center providing additional human infrastructure to support your business.





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Peerless Service


Achieve higher customer satisfaction thanks to the most educated, professional, and respected personnel in the industry. Our team of experienced Monitoring Specialists boasts a 4-year-long average tenure, unmatched training, and a promote-from-within culture that ensures leadership intimately understands the fundamentals of serving your customers.

Our partners receive proactive issue resolution thanks in part to our dedicated Dealer Support Team and Signal Management Team. These groups work tirelessly as an extension of your company to maximize your account management efficiency as well as enhance the value delivered to your customers.

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More Hosting


For those looking to keep monitoring operations in-house, consider Hosted CSaaS Monitoring with optional hot-redundant backup monitoring provided by our Monitoring Specialists only when needed.



Interested in exiting in-house monitoring operations entirely? Our specialized Central Station Sunset solution provides you with complete infrastructure & monitoring service support.