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Studies by Parks Associates and others show that consumers value professional monitoring for fire & CO alarms.

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Simple home fire and CO detectors become even more extraordinary life-saving devices with professional monitoring services behind them — and we’ve been serving Dealers in this core area since 1992. When it comes to the dangers of fire and carbon monoxide, the reliability of your monitoring service is uncompromisable. That’s why quality Professional Monitoring is so important.


Distinct training for Monitoring Specialists who process fire & CO systems ensures that every alarm your customers have is handled properly and efficiently. We classify fire and CO signal classes differently from other alarm types, and these vital signals are treated as specialized skillsets for our Specialists to master. We prepare them with specialized classroom training followed by apprentice-style mentoring to ensure monitoring excellence.

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It’s often the case that multiple signal classes & events can be transmitted to the monitoring center during a single alarm event. For this reason, we commit to notify your customers of the complete signal history for their account at the time of contact, regardless of the initial signal type, and even if new signals are triggered mid-call. We established these high standards that include full-history notification because full awareness is necessary when acting on notification for a fire or CO emergency.

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We believe that every rushed interaction with a customer is a wasted opportunity to increase loyalty & satisfaction. That belief is why we will NEVER rush a customer off the line. Regardless of signal priority, serving your customers means delivering a complete, positive experience — whether it’s a low-battery alert or an actual fire. A fast response does not sacrifice attention and care. Peace of mind is what your customers subscribe to your service for, and that important feeling is hit home by a complete service experience.


Always prompt and always professional, our Monitoring Specialists respond to every signal as if each were an actual, verified emergency. We train this mindset into our team as a default because it ensures that, when there is a life- and property-threatening emergency, your customers get our best response every time. We execute every response with precision and unflappable professional focus because perfect practice guarantees perfect results.