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GPS Monitoring


Deploy professional monitoring for asset tracking, geofencing, personal emergency, and mobile resource management technology.

For a world always on the move.

Our Geocoded Data is a highly accurate and powerful tool in locating those in need of assistance, but what if an event is a moving target… a lone worker at a remote site, stored equipment that inexplicably moves, an employee off route, an elderly person walking in the park. Our GPS services give your customers control, not only in managing assets, productivity and time but in identifying locations of those in need, as well.


For many businesses, their primary assets are deployed, which can present challenges in management and security. GPS-capable devices supported by our advanced monitoring allow constant detection of unauthorized placement or movement and location tracking for valuable equipment.

Line of security trucks crossing bridge.


Lone workers face all kinds of dangers with no one nearby to assist if something should go wrong. Immediate detection of a threatening event is essential to these personnel, while inactivity or unexpected activity may also be crucial. Individual GPS-capable devices connect them to our Specialists instantly.


Many GPS-enabled devices allow for virtual geographic boundaries to be set causing a geofence trigger to occur when the device enters or exits the area. Whether for time-management, risk-aversion, coverage-planning or just staying out of trouble, Geofencing provides oversight without constant attention.

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Mobile Personal Emergency Response Systems provide protection for life safety customers anywhere they go. Give your customer confidence that when a personal emergency occurs our Specialists will send help directly to their location.

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