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Commercial fire is different. You deserve a provider with the experience to understand & support your unique business.

Commercial Fire as a Specialty

You need to know that your monitoring center truly understands commercial fire — because not all monitoring is the same. There is unique value in a Professional Monitoring partnership, but only if that partner understands what your business needs. You need support for your technology of choice, a team that knows the regulations inside and out, and an easy transition. With your focus on commercial applications, you require support and experience with the regulations & uniqueness of the commercial fire business. Ignite new possibilities with a Professional Monitoring partnership.

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Commercial Fire Integrations

Complexity is made simple with our experience and how we monitor commercial fire systems and areas of refuge.

Emergency station at night.

Emergency Line Monitoring

Deliver critical emergency response service to call boxes in elevators, college campuses, and shelter-in-place locations.

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IoT Device Integrations

Put human judgment and compassion to work supporting your innovative technologies at scale.

How We Support You

Exceeding expectations with next-level support services. You should get more from a monitoring partnership — that’s why our teams support you, your customers, and your business from day one. Level up your business with superior support — included, standard.

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Dedicated Dealer Support

Experience a partnership with exclusive, concierge-level service devoted to supporting and growing your business.

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Technical Support

Legacy & cutting-edge: Systems & signal transmission experts are always ready to help you with troubleshooting, 24/7.

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Data Entry

In addition to account onboarding, this team reviews & verifies data around the clock to help you assure accuracy.

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Account Transitions

This tenured team manages your white-glove account transfer, ensuring a seamless customer experience.

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Signal Management Team

Analysts monitor your signal traffic for anomalies and identify opportunities to enhance your customers’ satisfaction.

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The Elite Team

Elite specialists ensure consistent customer service for complex accounts during transition into our monitoring centers.

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Software Development

This in-house team creates, maintains, and improves proprietary applications to serve your business needs.

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Sales & Marketing Support

As your advisors, this team creates, sources, and helps make sense of the info you need to make business decisions.

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Partners & #DLRBusinessTools

We seek out and maintain partnerships with many new & well-known industry vendors that help you do business better.


Differentiate your business. Generate more service call revenue, increase customer engagement, decrease attrition, and reduce false alarms with our end-user and Dealer connectivity tools.

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An app-free alarm management platform providing customers with real-time notification & control of events.

Rapid Mobile personal account home page.


Dealer app: granular control to put any zone or signal class on test, view live account history, hear call recordings.

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Web-based dealer access to the full breadth of monitoring center data, built for the way you need to use it.

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MySecurityAccount & MSA Pro

Provide secure account access for your commercial customers & PRO access for those with multiple accounts.

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Tech Center Interactive Response

Your technicians can use any phone to access & execute account services via natural language speech recognition.

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Auto Notification Service

Enable yourself & your customers to make real-time informed decisions while the monitoring center takes action.

Why Rapid Response?

We do everything with uncommon quality. For 30 years, we have never stopped investing in our people, training, and technology in pursuit of our mission to redefine what’s possible with Professional Monitoring.

Our Monitoring Centers

Where your monitoring service happens matters. The redundancy infrastructure, cyber security, and facility security matter. No provider invests more in the infrastructure that serves you and your customers. You can’t afford to settle for less.


People & Training

Professional Monitoring is first and foremost a human-delivered service — so people are the heart of everything we do. We recruit, train, and retain the best team to deliver the best for your business. There’s nothing artificial about our intelligence.


Technology & Innovation

MPLS-connected full-volume data centers, CTI-integrated switching gear, private SONET rings, 22 in-house app developers. When your provider never stops investing in the core service behind your business, your business never stops moving forward.


Licenses & Certifications

 While some providers are content to strive to meet industry standards, we’re committed to exceeding them. Licensed everywhere you need to do business, certified in every way that benefits your offering, and active in defining the next generation of standards for every industry we serve.


Reviews from Dealers like You

Judge your Professional Monitoring partner on a bad day, not a good one — and never take their word for it.

Photo of Mark Spiess.

They are our front line, and they do a fantastic job representing our company.

Every time we find a new technology and call Rapid, they already knew about it and are on top of it....

Marc Spiess

Testimonial Marc Spiess

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Photo of Fritz Englade Sr.

Rapid Response puts its Dealers first at all times.

In this business, you have to give your all to your customers and your employees if you want to be a...

Fritz Englade Sr.

Testimonial Fritz Englade Sr.

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Photo of Fritz Englade Jr.

They give us that peace of mind.

In this business, you have to give your all to your customers and your employees if you want to be a...

Fritz Englade Jr.

Testimonial Fritz Englade Jr.

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Photo of Colette Came.

I don’t know if it’s magic, but they just handle things

I’ve dealt with five different monitoring centers over my career and I thought Rapid was going to ...

Colette Came

Testimonial Colette Came

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Photo of Dick Harpster.

Using them every day has made our staff more efficient and our business more successful

It’s better to deal with people rather than companies. As a partner with Rapid we have relationshi...

Dick Harpster

Testimonial Dick Harpster

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Photo of James Lee.

Rapid Response provides us with a monitoring solution and a partnership that we couldn’t get elsewhere!

Rapid Response’s biggest selling points are their technology and their response to problems. Throu...

James Lee

Testimonial James Lee

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