Dedicated Dealer Support | Rapid Response Monitoring Services
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Your concierge knows you, your business, and your customers. And they have a backup. And their backup has a backup.

Immersion in your business.

Have you ever experienced concierge-level service? A concierge is a professional who specializes in providing you with personalized assistance, with class. Every member of the Dedicated Dealer Support Team functions as a concierge, and you are assigned one as a first point of contact in managing your business with us. The same person — every time. A more complete, more professional, higher-class of support comes standard when you monitor with us.

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You and your concierge will have a personal one-on-one relationship to maximize your business value. They will get to know your business, your customers, and you in great detail so they can provide personalized support for your unique needs. What’s more, they have a backup that is equally briefed in your business’s nuance. So if they were ever out on a day you need support, we have you covered. Also, their backup has a backup with the same level of immersive knowledge. You’ve never had support like this before, but once you do you’ll never want anything less.

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There is a reason executive leaders have assistants and chiefs of staff: efficiency and speed of information. That is exactly what you can expect in partnership with your Dealer Support representative. Their first and only directive is to ensure Dealer success, and that means fast and easy access to subject matter experts in every department through your primary point of contact. Your call list is exactly one phone number long, but the access you have is limitless. That’s the power of having a concierge level of service.

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You know your business better than anyone, and your Dealer Support representative knows the services you count on better than anyone. They know how to match all of the standard-value services, apps, and tools we have at your disposal to your unique needs. The truth is that most business owners are too busy to keep up with the wide array of connectivity tools and ROI-enhancing services included with your monitoring service, but that’s what your Dealer Support specializes in. The goal is simple: don’t leave any value on the table and maximize your efficiency.


A sister team to Dealer Support is the Data Entry team. This group of specialists dots the i’s and crosses the t’s to assure accuracy in critical account data, from names, addresses, and phone numbers to contact info for the right AHJ and first responding authorities. They even clean up bad phone numbers and geotag account locations beyond the street address so that the most precise data is available in your dealer access tools.



When you need to move accounts between monitoring providers, we have a team of experts to support you. They deliver a two-pronged approach: members located in our monitoring facilities analyze and establish ease of signal flow migration while their field-specialist counterparts work with you on-site to ensure a seamless transition. Transferring accounts may seem daunting, but this team lives and breathes it every day. You’ll be in good hands.



Analysts are impractical for most Dealers and Integrators to keep on staff. So we hired and trained an entire division dedicated to managing and optimizing your signal traffic. Tap into this team’s long-tenured expertise to increase your ROI. Runaway signals can drive up OHE and unprofitable service calls — this team studies and identifies areas that can save your business money and resources.