Is it time to shift focus to your core business?

Challenges facing today’s central station

It’s a difficult decision to sunset your monitoring center, but the costs of upgrades, increasing sophistication of needed technologies, licensing, worker shortages, changing business relationships and more can make it imperative.


Our Specialists are the top 3% of all applicants. We train them to be the top 1% in the industry. All have two years of college education or military equivalency, complete six weeks of formal classroom and Operations training, complete advanced training modules for Commercial Fire, mPERS, Medical, Dealer Assistance, Video and more, and all must pass scheduled Quality Assurance Evaluations. Spanish-speaking Specialists are always on duty. Many have completed our in-house 18-week Corporate Spanish Course, and all are up-trained on idiomatic differences and cultural anomalies. Average tenure of our Specialists is nearly four years.


Fully redundant and in lockstep, neither of our Command Centers depends on the other. Our monitoring services are built on Stages by Bold Group, a highly advanced processing platform with an open-architecture database-driven system featuring fully customizable Action Plans and Auto-Processes, as well as limitless queueing, auto evaluations, interactive SMS, custom caller ID and vanity SMS.


Virtually all known receivers and platforms are supported, and major platforms such as, AlarmNet, Telular, and Immix etc. are integrated. Native support for Bosch, Axis, Avigilon, CHeKT, DSC and Videofied are fully implemented as well as AES Intelli-Net.


Our communication paths utilize diverse routed dedicated private SONET Ring architecture with multiple entry points to each facility, and all systems are fully redundant at the monitoring centers. Telecom Providers include SIP and PSTN Integration with Verizon, PSTN with Level3 / CenturyLink, RESPORG with ATL, and ARIN IP addresses on BGP. Thousands of dial-up channels are provisioned on Bosch, DMP and Sur-Gard. Plus, unlimited API support for signal service delivery is implemented.