Burglary Alarms & Intrusion | Rapid Response Monitoring Services
Intruder in a home at night.


Burglary alarms are the foundation of the alarm industry, and they deserve as much sophistication as other kinds of monitoring.

Securing peace of mind. Protecting life and property.

Intrusion alarms are the forebear of the monitoring industry, and we’ve been serving Dealers in this core area since 1992. Their value proposition is very simple: deter unwanted access to protect people and property within a structure. That shows how burglary alarms work — but what they do for customers is provide peace of mind. As consumer preferences have changed over time, the customer experience has needed to evolve with it. The need for a quality experience is why we deliver a sophisticated burglary monitoring service.


Your customers’ experience during critical responses determines the perceived quality of your service. Customized action plans are how we tailor our response to the way you want your customers’ events handled. We will work with you to discuss best practices and prior expectations to find the right blend that delivers an experience that ensures peace of mind and practical security for your customers.


 We establish high standards of communication during notification calls to your customers — which includes full-history notification. As is often the case, multiple signals of various priorities can come in during an active alarm event. We notify your customers of the complete signal history for their account, regardless of what triggered the event — even if new signals come in mid-call. Our commitment is to deliver the full history for every call, every time.

woman on cellphone in front of office building


We will NEVER rush a customer off the line. To us, serving your customers means delivering a complete, positive experience— every time. Fast responses do not require sacrificing attention and care. Complete responses are what deliver the peace of mind your customers subscribe to your service for. The response and the follow-through of the experience are both critical to delivering value.


 Our monitoring specialists respond promptly and professionally to every signal as if all are actual emergencies. This default mindset ensures that when there is a true emergency need, your customers get our best response every time. Practice doesn’t make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect. That’s why we execute every response with precision and unflappable professional focus.