The Account Transfer Team–available 24 hours a day–oversees the movement of subscriber accounts between Rapid Response and other respective Central Stations.

Working in cooperation with the Sales and Technical Support teams, the Transfer Team enters the transition process early to ensure compatibility and to determine the necessary actions that must be taken prior to actual account transfers.

The team ensures that Rapid Response monitoring procedures and protocols mesh perfectly with the expectations and business practices of incoming dealers and existing dealers transferring accounts from other Central Stations.

The Elite Team


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    Chosen for their broad technical experience, meticulous attention to detail and their exceptional accuracy, specialists in the ELITE Team possess a proven ability to proactively ascertain potential issues. They are tasked with accounts meeting criteria based on profiles of historical or exceptional issues.

    Aware of how stressful the transitional period can be, the Company also selects the Elite Team staff for their advanced communication skills, a courteous and professional manner, and for a positive attitude that ensures a productive personal experience for dealers requiring this service.

    Signals from accounts in transition are vectored automatically to the Elite Team, which also provides Answering Service for dealers who opt for it. The Team is on duty round the clock.