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White-glove service is our minimum standard — and that applies to moving accounts between monitoring providers.

Quality input, quality output.

When moving your accounts between monitoring providers, experience matters — so we have a team of experts to support your transitions. Transferring accounts may seem daunting, but this team lives and breathes it 24/7, delivering a two-pronged approach with support staff on-site at your facility and in our monitoring centers. Coordination is focused on one simple but critical goal: a seamless transition for data and customer experience.

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Team members located in our monitoring facilities analyze and establish ease of signal flow migration, ensuring zero downtime or data loss in the switchover. They cooperate with our Technical Support team to assure a smooth transition and formatting of your signal traffic — both of which are staffed around the clock to optimize the timing of the switch based on peaks and valleys in your account activity.

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Working hand-in-hand with our Field Sales Team, our Account Transition Specialists ensure that our monitoring procedures and protocols mesh perfectly with the expectations of your subscribers. In partnership, this holistic view of the transfer allows for no interruptions from the perspective of your subscribers at the time of change over, which maintains customer satisfaction through the shift in monitoring provider.

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Parsing the transfer files from your former monitoring partner or in-house central station is a specialist’s task unto itself. Accuracy of data is an obvious necessity, but manually translating the formatting differences and standardizing the action plans and abbreviations are nuanced steps that are just as integral to the process of transition. However, nuance is a key part of what delivers an excellent subscriber experience.


We understand that transitioning your monitoring services to a new provider is not a decision made lightly — and we don’t take that for granted. Our expert team of transition Specialists will help you make the transition successfully, and they will handle the bulk of the work in our step-by-step process:

  • Initial Conversation — We will partner you with experts to understand your expectations and those of your customers. Together, we will review monitoring best practices and explore our full spectrum of services and capabilities.
  • Pre-transfer Preparation — Our dedicated Transition Team will meet with you for discovery meetings to establish a comprehensive transition timeline that works for all of your stakeholders.
  • Live Transfer — Your team and key customers will receive hands-on training for any new processes and protocols, and we will provide live, in-office support during the live changeover phase of the transition.
  • Post-Transfer — A phalanx of experts from the Sales Support team, the Transition team, and your dealer Support concierge provide post-transition assistance to ensure every expectation and all requirements are met.

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