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Video Monitoring

Enhance the protection you provide your customers with our Event-Driven Video Alarm Verification service.

Comprehensive & Integrated Monitoring

We combine the most advanced video technologies, operating platforms, and mobile account management applications with the most extensively trained Monitoring Center and Technical Specialists. We support the transfer of your current video accounts or your entry into the video market with streamlined implementation and anytime, anywhere account management.


VAV is the process of reviewing system-generated video clips, captured before and after an alarm was triggered, before taking action. A rapidly increasing number of jurisdictions require a video component to be included before dispatch which has put VAV at the leading edge of false alarm reduction.

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The market has become the driving force for Video Monitoring, and that means extensive support is required for the wide variety of advanced video technologies and operating platforms, as well as for mobile account management. We support dozens of platforms and hundreds of video products and provide you and your customers with remote access to monitored sites.

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Our services support a variety of purposes and site requirements ranging from Event-driven VAV for both controlled environments (sensor driven) and uncontrolled exterior environments (analytics driven), and also Video Motion Viewers. Paired with other VAV services, Talk Down serves as a crime deterrent and Guard Tours, a scheduled review of cameras, can replace physical on-site guard presence.