The leading integrated video platforms, immix® CS by SureView® and Central Station Video Interface v.2 by I-View Now, allow us to quickly determine compatibility of the video products you choose–over 75 are already supported, integrate them into our advanced implementation of the stages™ processing system and apply our monitoring, notifications and mobile management services uniformly.

While SureView® provides an open-architecture and scalable server-based software system, UL-certified, I-View Now is built on cloud-based integration that is flexible, accessible and adaptable.

Our video specialists need only master these platforms to process signals from dozens of video products.

Verified Reponse

Verified Response

Many police jurisdictions now require verification before a response is dispatched. Rapid Response Event-driven Video Verification Monitoring is an effective means for mitigating this ‘verified response’ issue and for ensuring a faster police response.

Our Monitoring Center Specialists gain visual and, depending on installed equipment, audible verification of the situation. This avoids a false alarm that can result in a costly fine for the subscriber and a loss of confidence in dealer and monitoring services.

Additionally, apps in the Rapid Response Incredible Connectivity Suite allow customers to immediately view clips of the event and become involved in the decision to dispatch or not. Our Push-notification services inform them of an event so they can act quickly to prevent a false alarm or confirm the need for a response.

Guard Tours

Depending on equipment and dealer or subscriber preferences, operators can conduct scheduled ‘guard tours’ (reviews of cameras), in addition to processing alarms activated by event or motion detection.

Doorman Service

Through a compatible security/access control system, surveillance hardware and audio equipment, Rapid Response Specialists can assist visitors with entry into secured properties. This advanced service can save your customers time and money.

Virtual Escort

This on-demand service consists of a Rapid Response Specialist viewing live camera feeds while speaking with your customer over the phone. With a Virtual Escort Service you can offer your customers piece of mind.

Latest Video Advances

Supported systems utilize the latest advances in video technology including video analytics, motion detection, audio, pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera control, and remote configuration, among other features.

Requests for Video Monitoring service must be coordinated through the Rapid Response Sales Team before a currently unsupported hardware/software package can be evaluated by the Technical Services Department. Rapid Response support cannot be guaranteed, and a test site is generally required.

Video Specialists

Our Video Specialists are part of a Complex Accounts Team that has advanced training in GPS, Inbound Communications and DoD monitoring regulations, in addition to Video Monitoring. To be chosen for the team, they must have a Quality Assurance score exceeding 90%, top productivity scores, excellent attention to detail and an exceptional ability to multi-task and provide the very finest customer service.

Video Account Management

Manage your accounts on Rapidmobile while your customers manage theirs on MySecurity Account. Event/Threshhold notifications also signal you and your customers to view video clips, verify events and dispatch or cancel, all at the tip of a finger.