LifeSafety Monitoring Services℠ | Rapid Response Monitoring Services
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Life Safety Protection

Professional monitoring support for advanced communications, GPS and fall-detection technologies to provide assurance to your customers and their loved ones.

Advances in providing mobility, care and assurance.

Once limited to in-home or facility monitoring, mPERS and PERS systems now support monitoring for handicapped, elderly and other individuals both at their residence and when out and about. Our LifeSafety Monitoring℠ service utilizes advanced technologies and innovative service to support product providers that are developed and attuned to this most important industry segment.


Today’s advanced technologies allow mPERS and PERS users to move about at home or away with much greater confidence, and to the elderly in particular, that regains for them a sense of independence. Communicate from anywhere should something happen. Be located via GPS capabilities if incapacitated. Be instantly contacted in the event of a fall. To many, and to their loved ones, these are assurances that allow them a fuller life.

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We have been providing Medical Monitoring since we were founded. Our LifeSafety Monitoring℠ division is dedicated to specifically monitoring mPERS, PERS and Panic devices and specifically serve the needs of dependent customers by employing the most advanced monitoring technologies, including GPS and Fall-detection. All Specialists hold full corporate certification and are chosen for their exceptional customer service and comforting manner; many have Emergency Medical training or certification.

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Employees working on their own can face dangers without anyone nearby to assist. Mobile panic devices give the ability to signal for help and speak with a Specialist with the press of a button. They are also often backed by platforms that track inactivity and unexpected activity signaling the monitoring center with parameter exceptions.