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Secure web-based dealer access to the full breadth of monitoring center data, built for the way you need to use it.

We’re all about providing our Dealers the control they need and more. RapidWeb is a secure web-based platform allowing Dealers to manage their account database on most devices.

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Designed and developed in-house, RapidWeb features ease of navigation and intuitive functionality.

From data entry to account management, from listening to call recordings to viewing video clips, and much more, RapidWeb puts control in your hands with powerful features and efficient means of serving your customers.

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RapidWeb gives you the same access as our Specialists in an easy to navigate interface. Make real-time edits, even temporary data, while you are in the field or on the phone with a customer. All changes are implemented at the monitoring center instantly.

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The list of features is long by design: View account history, view recent alarms, view real-time signal activity, access saved documents, view account data, listen to call recordings, view video clips, check notifications and much more.

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Activate new accounts, send alarm cancel requests, enter no-actions and live tests, run reports, and above all make your business more efficient.