Office Phone

Answering Service

A valuable tool for installation and service companies providing 24-hour services.

We know your industry and your business.

An effective Answering Service has the right tools, the best people and an intimate knowledge of your business. It’s even more valuable when the service is delivered by highly qualified and trained individuals with broad knowledge of the security industry and the special needs of your customers, using a platform custom-designed and developed by industry professionals. That’s exactly what you will get from us.


Our Answering Service is fully integrated with a robust implementation of the Stages™ processing system by Bold Group. We utilize the Inbound Response Interface System (IRIS), an enhanced message center application developed in-house by our Software Development Team, to place you in control of how your customer calls, messages, and requests are handled.

The Right Tools for Your Answering Service


Always prompt and always professional, our Answering Service Specialists respond to every call as if each were a verified emergency. We train this mindset into our team as a default because it ensures that, even when there is no emergency, your customers get our best response every time. We execute every response with precision and professional focus because perfect practice guarantees perfect results.


Because IRIS is fully integrated with our Stages processing system, messages and message activity can be retrieved quickly by contacting the Monitoring Center or by accessing RapidWeb or RapidLink3k. You can adjust your call handling instructions, on-call technician schedule and forward calls to the Answering Service on preset time schedules or as needed round the clock.

Answering Service Technician


Answering Service Specialists provide a consistent response that integrates with your established procedures. Dealers choosing the service personalize full instruction-sets detailing type of call, time of day, contact information, business hours, key personnel and other information. Specialists have the ability to contact your personnel, as directed, by text message or phone call in real-time.