Signal Management | Rapid Response Monitoring Services
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A team of analysts with a unique focus: monitoring your signal traffic to stop anomalies & boost customer satisfaction.

Signal Management & Activity Reduction Team. That’s SMART.

Protect your recurring monthly revenue by leveraging our team of signal traffic analysts. Imagine having a team that proactively monitors, tracks, and diagnoses signal anomalies — that would be impractical for most Dealers and Integrators, which is why we hired and trained an entire division. Leverage our resources and expertise as a part of your standard monitoring service and capitalize on expert signal analysis with actionable solution suggestions.

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Catching runaway signals can put a lid on your share of handled events, reduce customer frustration, and decrease attrition. Picture how frustrating it is for your customers to be called on 10-20 times a night because of a runaway trouble signal. The SMART team is here to help you stop that: we’ll identify the culprit and partner with you so you are aware of the offending account, zone, and sensor.

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This industry-unique team continually monitors all signal traffic for unusual or erratic activity. Their goal is to work with you to find solutions to an array of technical and programming issues that can help you conserve costs and preserve performance. By proactively seeking out errant signal behavior, our Signal Management Team is able to partner with you to keep your account base functioning smoothly and reliably.

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As a member of our Dealer family, our Signal Management Team is dedicated to the work that can reduce your customer churn by increasing their perceived quality of service. Custom reports on customer signal activity, from tracking the activity of a single customer to charting the signal patterns across your entire account base, provide you with a higher level of support for your customers.


Staffing a team of analysts is impractical for most Dealers and Integrators, but you can harness the business impacts of having this resource at your disposal. Drive higher levels of efficiency and reduce your costs in alarm monitoring. See and capture opportunities to execute billable hours that save you money on monitoring while increasing your field service revenue. Signal Management can increase your profits.


Would your customers more highly value your service when they aren’t needlessly called on signals related to the same fixable problem? Would they feel more loyal if you intuitively provided the service they need? Would they be more engaged and eager to give referrals? That’s some of the added value you pass on to your subscribers by leveraging the expertise and resources of our Signal Management Team.