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Sales and Marketing

We are a buyer-centric business. That means sales and marketing are here to serve, educate, and support — not pitch.

A modern business relationship, built on tradition.

We believe that sales and marketing are far more than a means to a business outcome — they’re an avenue to build authentic, supportive relationships. The business landscape has shifted a lot since 1992, and many things are different — but a few very important things are the same. We choose to create resources for you and work with you to navigate all the information out there because we choose to do business differently. Our mindset may be “modern,” but our actions reaffirm our commitment to deep, personal relationships with you.

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When we were founded, it was a sales-led era. Reps were gatekeepers to the information and services you needed. Not anymore. You are exceptionally good at pre-researching things, information is free and abundant everywhere online, in print, and in person. Now, the sales and marketing team has a different focus. We’re here to serve as your guide — as an advisor. We can help you cut through the noise, see the benefits behind the features, and work with you to validate the ROI of your what-if business questions. We monitor new and emerging industry trends, evaluate the impact on businesses like yours, and bring you the bottom line no-spin story. In the end, we work for you — before and during our partnership.



Account executives and field representatives work as a team to support a geographic territory of Dealers. They know you, your region, your competition, and your industry — inside and out. These are your guides. They are the individual handshake that puts a face & soul to our company and want to see you grow and succeed. Product demos, ROI analysis, estimates, pro-and-con hypotheticals, and maximizing RMR are all in their wheelhouse. Should you choose to partner with us, these team members will remain in close and regular contact for the lifetime of your accounts because they are invested in your continued success.

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The average B2C subscription service (like monitored alarms & tech) loses 7% of their customers every year — regardless of service & product fit. This is your “natural churn” or baseline attrition rate, which means you need to “grow” your customer base by 7% per year just to *break even* and stay the size you are now. That’s where the Marketing group comes in. We generate Dealer education materials, end-user materials, host strategic webinars, and run trend-setting tradeshows all with the goal to help you grow your business, your profit, and your service quality. We bring your feedback to our product development teams to improve our apps, and we also issue all critical communications regarding weather emergencies that may impact service protocols.


The boundary between digital and in-person events has begun to blur — tradeshows are simultaneously live-streamed on social media, webinars are filmed with in-person participants, and more. Yet for all the change, events still serve the fundamental purpose of bringing us together. Whether you’re attending one of our webinar series events or visiting our booth at a major industry show, we’re there to build a deeper connection with you. When we come together for an event, we have the chance to share knowledge, discuss the pressing questions of the day, and plan ahead for the future. We get to catch up on new developments in business and technology while rehashing the bonds that make our partnership so valuable. Check out our events calendar to see what’s next.


#DLRMarketingTips started as a simple series of social media and digital marketing tips straight from our marketing team to you. Things you may not have known, or knew about but didn’t realize what impact they could have on your business. It became so much more. We now publish — for free — tips that explain actionable marketing strategies and tactics to help your business grow in plain language.



We seek out and develop partnerships that help Dealers like you do business better. These vendors have services and products that integrate directly with our internal systems to provide seamless value in a variety of support and administrative functions. CRM, billing, accounting, and tax preparation are just a few of the business tools we curate that add special value for Dealers. Furthermore, we host a recurring segment in our webinar series that spotlights and educates our Dealers and the industry at large about the value these tools add to your business operations. This toolbox is continuously being expanded and upgraded as new tools come to market and familiar tools are updated and enhanced. See where the collection stands today, and connect with us to stay up to date.