A direct connection to the monitoring station ensuring immediate response, Emergency Line Monitoring is a critical security requirement for commercial and educational campuses. Emergency calls are routed to the monitoring station via phone lines or wireless communication devices and are considered by security, police and fire authorities as force-multipliers that can increase coverage and reduce false alarms.

Emergency Line Monitoring Use


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    Emergency Line Monitoring Use

    Emergency Line Monitoring–Elevator Alarms and Call Boxes, for example–is an increasingly popular service used for:

    • Corporate and educational campuses
    • Multi-level commercial and residential buildings
    • Parking garages
    • Isolated or remote areas where people work or pass through

    Elevator alarms and call boxes monitored by Rapid Response provide a remote connection to our central station. There, a specially-trained operator:

    • Receives the call
    • Associates the call with an issuing emergency line using Automatic Number Identification (ANI)
    • Immediately responds to clarify the situation and dispatch security personnel or appropriate authorities as necessary.