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#DLRMarketingTips: 6 easy tips to amplify your brand story

Upgrade your copywriting technique with these tips to help you stand out amongst the competition and strengthen the connection between you and your audiences.

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In a pre-globalization era, economies and societies thrived within localized frameworks. It was the boundaries of communities that defined our existence. Purchasing options were limited to the offerings of local mom-and-pop shops. 

Brand recommendations came from family members. The effectiveness of word-of-mouth advertising alone was enough to sustain local business. 

 Fast forward to today, and the buying landscape is unrecognizable.  

The expansive reach of the internet shattered limitations and granted access to abundance. Consumers now take their pick of vendors around the globe, and the question that looms is this: How can your company leave a lasting impression in a world of endless options?  

Regardless of resources or the size of your team, making a splash is easy with these copywriting tips to help you stand out amongst the competition:  

Dive into Audience Personas

Dive into Audience Personas 

Driving sales is a priority, but perpetually pushing products is not the magic solution. Content, to be effective, must contribute real value. 

 Get familiar with the intricacies of your target audiences.

Dive into the data and watch your customers transform from a statistic on a page into a tangible person. You then gain valuable insight into what content your audience might want to see from you. 

Let Your Story Speak for Itself

Let Your Story Speak for Itself 

In the digital landscape, consumers yearn for authentic connections. Wielding a narrative that sparks emotion could be the key to cultivating customer loyalty.  

Consider this scenario: 

Company A delivers a social media post detailing its latest product. They tout new features, furnish links to buy, and provide a compelling call to action.  

Meanwhile, Company B unravels the narrative of its founder. Breathing life into the brand, they delve into core values widely resonant among their audience.  

Now, contemplate: which company leaves a lasting impression?  

A sale is more than a mere transaction. It represents a vote of confidence in your brand. Consumers are reluctant to channel their purchasing power toward an impersonal conglomerate. They seek a connection with the brands they invest in. 

By sharing a personal narrative, you offer your audience a chance to relate. Subsequently, their sale becomes a tangible expression of their belief in what your brand stands for. This emotional connection transmutes into lasting loyalty, propelling your company forward. 

Lead with a Hook

Lead with a Hook  

Mix things up with the latest trends, and don’t be afraid to pull inspiration from other brands. As long as you stay in alignment with the values your company stands for and your overall business goals, go wild!  

Have you tried engaging readers with a question?

When you give your audience something to discuss in the comments section of your social media post or blog, you build community and drive engagement.  

Keep Accessibility Standards in Mind 

Keep Accessibility Standards in Mind  

Be sure to follow accessibility standards or risk missing a portion of the population. Specifically ensuring that people who use screen readers and accessibility tools can access your content: 

  • Use special characters, emojis, and tags in moderation and at the end of social media posts 
  • Break up text with headings 
  • Add alt text whenever possible to website photos and social media graphics 

Simplify It

Simplify It 

Keep your copy simple. Experts suggest writing at an 8th-grade level to ensure understanding. Sentences should be short and avoid a passive tone. 

Tools like GrammarlyHemingway, and Microsoft Word can help you review grammar and spelling. Having trouble getting started? Chat GPT and other AI tools can assist your brainstorming and drafting process. 

While free AI tools can help save time, we recommend always adding a personal touch. 

No matter how intelligent AI is, a robot could never speak in your voice. That’s your job!  

Lather, Rinse, Repeat 

Lather, Rinse, Repeat 

Creating content can be time-consuming. Maximize your efforts and repurpose timeless content whenever possible. 

Start by dicing up long-form content like blogs, e-mails, website copy, and articles. Extract the key points and transform them into posts for social media. 

Audiences vary by platform, and algorithms work against you. Meaning your desired audience may have not even seen your content. Refresh the words, add a new image, and watch engagement skyrocket. 

Finally, repurposing not only saves time and money, but it gives your audience more opportunities to connect with your business. 

  Go Forth and Conquer

Go Forth and Conquer 

Now you have the tools. Finally, it’s time to start writing. Start by getting familiar with your audience and determining your unique approach. Personalize content and allow readers to connect on an emotional level. Gain reader interest with a hook and keep wording simple. 

Stay up to date with the latest standards to ensure your content is accessible. Don’t be afraid to use writing or AI tools. Once you’ve penned your story, get creative and find ways to repurpose it! As the digital landscape evolves, copywriting becomes even more essential. A good story has the power to transcend geographical boundaries and cultural differences. 

It’s the bridge connecting your brand to its audience. 


Adapting to the latest trends can be challenging. When time and resources are limited, devoting energy to copywriting, social media, and marketing might seem frivolous. Our Dealer Marketing Tips series is designed to deliver helpful, bite-sized tips that are easy to understand and even easier to implement. Consider Rapid Response Monitoring your partner, dedicated to helping you achieve success and expand your business. We hope you find these resources helpful.  

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