Employee Morale: The Key To A Happy And Productive Workplace

Employee Morale: The Key to a Happy and Productive Workplace

Investing in high employee morale is key to maximizing business efforts and reputation. With a supportive work environment, gestures of appreciation, and various other employee-focused opportunities, employers can reduce turnover and improve overall job satisfaction.

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Keeping your team happy is about more than just boosting their work enjoyment – maintaining satisfaction, engagement, and productivity all contribute to the quality of service you offer. Here are a few different ways you can support your employees and maximize your business efforts.

What Is Employee Morale?

“Engaging employees in the day-to-day business is one of those tasks that seems simple but actually requires quite a bit of effort. People often think it just takes a few changes or conversations to turn people’s attitudes around, but it is so much more than that. In fact, it requires a complete mind shift to move from employees simply going through the motions to feeling passionate about their jobs and caring about the success of the company.”
— “5 Unique Ways to Boost Employee Morale”, Glassdoor

Morale refers to how employees feel about their overall work environment and their role in it. When morale is high, productivity, engagement, and retention see an increase. Even sales and business operations benefit.

When employee morale is not addressed, business owners risk increased turnover and decreased business success, facing the expensive reality of hiring and training for vacant positions.

At Rapid Response, we believe our team is our greatest asset.

“Employees are a company’s greatest asset – they’re your competitive advantage. You want to attract and retain the best; provide them with encouragement, stimulus and make them feel that they are an integral part of the company’s mission.”
– Anne M. Mulcahy, former CEO and chairwoman of Xerox Corporation

Our Approach To Boosting Morale

At Rapid Response, we understand the importance of sustaining an environment that is fair, provides equal opportunities for advancement, and promotes diversity and inclusion. Here are just a few things we do to bolster staff satisfaction:

01 – Secure, clean, and comfortable offices

Not only do visitors say “wow” when they tour our three facilities, but so does our team. When promoting a good employee outlook, it’s imperative to have a nice environment for them to work in.

Our three beautiful locations are hardened against exterior and interior threats, with security staff onsite, card-restricted access, and special man-trap doors for entry and exit. As a result of these upgrades, our employees feel safe while at work.

The buildings are cleaned ‘round the clock, shielded against everything from the Common Cold to Covid-19 with an in-house cleaning staff.

The office spaces are ergonomic and comfortable — our team does a lot of sitting and we make sure they have everything they need. Our employees have everything, from on-site PT sessions, comfortable chairs and desk risers to quiet rooms and other calming break rooms. We even decorate during the holidays and maintain a healthy plant population.

“Ergonomic office furniture is essential for creating an optimal working environment. Ergonomic furniture helps to reduce fatigue, minimize injury risks, and improve overall comfort levels in the workplace.”
— “Office Design Tips to Boost Employee Morale and Productivity“, Workast


02 – Comprehensive and ongoing training for all staff members

Everyone who comes to work at Rapid Response goes through the same level of training. Training doesn’t stop after the initial 60 days of Monitoring lessons. Opportunities to advance monitoring skills, or even switch departments are available.

03 – A supportive team environment from management and supervisory roles

Not a lot of monitoring Centers can say that they have a supportive team environment. When someone works at Rapid Response, the supervisors are just a call away, ensuring they have the knowledge and tools to do their job properly. It’s no different for someone working on the monitoring floor or the Marketing Department. Having a team that is supportive from the management down allows our staff to feel comfortable and confident, engaged and efficient.

“I have always believed that it is our people that make the difference. Our team is made up of the most caring, hardworking, and dedicated members anywhere. The work each #TeamRapid member does drives our collective success and that is why I consistently look for ways to do more for our team.”
— Jeffrey Atkins, President of Rapid Response Monitoring

04 – Community volunteer opportunities

We are passionate about connecting with our local communities whenever possible. Throughout the year, Rapid Response offers plenty of opportunities for our employees to get involved. From awareness walks and holiday fundraisers, food drives, to animal shelter volunteering, our team is dedicated to making an impact.

05 – Themed weeks, dress-down days, potlucks, and giveaways

A little fun goes a long way. At Rapid Response, we hold dress-down days and themed weeks to spark employee engagement (e.g. ugly sweater day, Halloween costume contest, Rapid Gear day). We also plan office potlucks and giveaways allowing time for staff to bond. These events provide a sense of comfort and belonging.

It’s evident that having small comforts, like more casual clothing, affects productivity in the long run. Rapid Response has been successful for over 30 years because of the care and thought we put into supporting our staff.

How Others Foster A Positive Work Culture

It’s no secret that employee morale is a measurement of success. Companies that prioritize employee morale tend to see higher levels of engagement, productivity, and retention among their workforces.

Here are a few examples of what a few companies are doing to boost employee morale:

Some of these examples are rather grandiose and even though a work retreat to Mexico sounds like fun, little gestures of appreciation also help increase morale. Grabbing coffee or doughnuts for your team, giving kudos for a job well-done, or simply scheduling time for a check in, strengthens bonds and builds trust.

Boosting Employee Morale Is An Ongoing Endeavor

Employee morale is a crucial component of an organization’s health and needs to be constantly measured. Creating a healthy and positive workplace culture contributes directly to the overall success of a company and goes beyond free merch or company parties. Keeping your employees satisfied, motivated, and productive is the first step in reducing turnover, the costs of hiring and retraining, and in increasing employee advocation.

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