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Rapid Response Announces Brian Sheehan As Manager Of Project Management Office

Brian Sheehan, manager of project management office for Rapid Response Monitoring Services

Brian Sheehan, Manager Of Project Management Office

Rapid Response Monitoring has announced Brian Sheehan as Project Management Office Manager. In this role, Brian will oversee all aspects of the project lifecycle and play a pivotal role in leading the dedicated Project Managers and Project Management Office to success. 

Brian has over 15 years of professional experience in operations, analytics, and management. “It all starts by identifying pain points so that systems can be rebuilt to create more efficient workflows,” said Sheehan. As PMO Manager, Brian will focus on the evolution of Rapid Response’s proprietary monitoring platform, Triangulum AI, and spearhead the integration of relationships with vendors and Dealers.  

“We are confident that Brian’s experience in end-to-end project management will strengthen the development of our Triangulum AI platform, further positioning us to provide our Dealers with an even greater competitive advantage in the marketplace,” said Jeffrey Atkins, President of Rapid Response Monitoring. 

Brian holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Resources Management from SUNY Oswego and is currently pursuing a Project Management Professional Certification. 

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