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Military Spotlights

Joshua Chagnon. Senior Support Engineer.

Joshua Chagnon

Rapid Response’s mission to protect life and property was appealing as a USAF Security Forces Veteran. My mission while serving was to keep people safe and protect government assets from enemies foreign and domestic. While the constant deployments took a toll on me, the passion to make a difference never changed.

The best resources that Rapid Response offers are the flexibility and investment in its people. I continued to serve in the National Guard when I came off active duty. Management worked with me on scheduling to give me the time off I needed when duty called and ensured me that my position was still here for me when I returned.

Portrait of J Lopez

Jose Lopez

Rapid Response is a company that serves the community in ways that protect and prevent loss of life and property. When I found out that the company monitors alarm systems throughout the nation and beyond our borders, it solidified my commitment to serving the nation even more. I really enjoy the structured environment and knowing exactly what to do every day – there’s never a dull moment.

Additionally, the teamwork environment was very appealing to me. Everyone wants to see you succeed and do well – if you’re struggling with something, the supervisors, your peers, and the training team are always available to ensure you get guidance. Along with the excellent support system fostered here at Rapid Response, the skills I acquired in the military – stress management and multitasking – have helped me become successful in my role. There is always something new to learn every day. I am extremely appreciative of having the opportunity to work here.

David Witchley - Control Center Specialist

David Witchley

What interested me about Rapid Response was the job stability, the differential pay for different shifts, and the challenge that alarm monitoring presents – it’s a job that keeps you on your toes. The time I spent in the Navy laid the foundation for a good work ethic, and often while serving things completely out of your control will happen. You must be ready for the unexpected.

Joseph Finney

I was in the Air Force for 25 years. When I started planning my return to civilian life, I knew I wanted a job where I could still contribute to our society and make a positive impact. At Rapid Response, I can contribute to the feeling of safety and security,  which is very meaningful to me.

In the Air Force, I worked on large-scale communication and telecommunication systems for over 10 years. Over time my role evolved and became more IT-based.

I’ve led teams of IT technicians in a variety of different conditions, which were not exactly ideal. From tents in the middle of a field, equipment set-ups in the pouring rain, and in condemned buildings in Turkey, I was able to successfully lead teams. After those pivotal experiences, I am confident that the flexibility and resiliency that I have earned as a leader will allow not only me, but my entire team to thrive and grow.