RapidLink Account Management | Rapid Response Monitoring Services
Rapid Link 3k with blue digital background.


Proprietary account management software residing on your network.


A direct connection to your account information in real time

RapidLink provides real-time information to support account management in your office. Get a detailed picture of account activity and robust reporting capabilities all locally run without relying on internet connection speed.


RapidLink3k is a multipurpose program, installed on a personal computer, laptop, or computer network, that allows retrieval and editing of account information, report generation, message retrieval, account testing, and more. It is synchronized with the monitoring center database and provides immediate access in real-time to your account database.


RapidLink3k allows dealers to view and update accounts offline, then upload changes to the monitoring center database seamlessly. The program can also be customized to fit the special needs of an individual dealer. It is also fully integrated with Z-Micro Technologies’ Alarm 7 SQL accounting software and contains the most complete reporting options in the industry. Providing the same access as the monitoring center, RapidLink3k’s features include: scheduling account-database downloads for automatic updates, viewing account database from account lists or from search/advanced Search functions, ‘install pending accounts’ with immediate monitoring center recognition, and testing without Specialist intervention.