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Testimonial Colette Came


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Came Security Alarms was founded in 1955 by Harry Came who was one of the original Dictagraph Dealers that moved from Chicago, IL to Covina, CA. He initially focused the business on fire safety, but when Harry saw the demand for security systems rising, he entered that market as well. The company started out in the family home, and Colette grew up learning the business. As the business grew, they moved to an office, and Colette continued to watch him service his customers with the utmost care. Over the years, she forced him to let her start installing systems and handling other aspects of the alarm business, such as central station and administrative work.

Colette took some time away from the industry to focus on her children. When she returned to the business she convinced her father to open a branch of Came Security in Morro Bay, CA. She managed that for 10 years before buying out her father’s branch office there in 2002. At that time, she made the decision to leave the family central station and move her new company to an independent central station.

Through the years, Colette had worked closely with Morgan Hertel, who once worked for her father and had since gained experience in other roles throughout the industry. When Morgan joined the Rapid Response team (serving today as Vice President of Technology & Innovation), he told her how advanced Rapid Response was and encouraged her to visit. After touring the facility and meeting the team in 2014, Came Security Alarms transitioned their accounts to Rapid.

Today, Came Security Alarms handles residential and commercial work for burglary, fire and access control systems. Colette is actively involved as the primary sales person and enjoys working closely with her customers and making sure they are happy, comfortable and confident with their systems.


I’ve dealt with five different monitoring centers over my career and I thought Rapid was going to be too big of a monitoring center to provide me with the personal experience I wanted to give my customers…but I was blown away! I was certain I had to move to Rapid after touring the facility and meeting the team. Rapid’s Operators are the most pleasant and well-spoken of any that I have ever seen. Those are the same Operators my customers are speaking to, and they just don’t skip a beat. They handle most everything without ever bothering me. I don’t know if it’s magic, but they just handle things.