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Anthony Dohrmann

Testimonial Anthony Dohrmann


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Tony is a forward-thinking innovator that became a Rapid Response dealer in 1999. His DIY system, Lasershield, was uniquely designed to provide simple, secure, fast and affordable security for residential and commercial customers. Most importantly, the Lasershield system was coupled with point-of-purchase activation for professional monitoring provided by Rapid Response. Lasershield was a pioneer in the DIY space and quickly grew to have customers nationwide.

He later founded SameDay Security, Inc. in recognition of the enormous market need and the belief that no one else in the industry had perfected health and safety monitoring. In 2009, he launched the Electronic Caregiver (ECG) division focused initially on personal emergency response systems (PERS). The ECG team dedicated countless hours to research and screening of thousands of patients across 30 U.S. states and worked with hundreds of health intuitions to identify opportunities to bring the medical alert industry into the 21st century.

Today, Electronic Caregiver is pioneering Addison Care; the world’s first comprehensive, interactive, AI-based, visual sensing, connected home, augmented reality, virtual caregiving system. Addison gives the user the experience of actually talking to a living, breathing individual. ECG utilized augmented reality and AAA gaming technology to give the voice a face, body and the ability to gesticulate to show physical signs of compassion, sincerity and humor. Addison is also able to demonstrate things like how to place a medical device or how to follow through on a rehabilitation exercise to stimulate and correct a treated area.


I’ve been in the industry 35+ years. I have dealt with all of the large monitoring partners and there are countless reasons that I chose to partner with Rapid.  Our company and Rapid have had a tightly aligned focus for 20 years, and its number-one agenda is the customer, the customer, the customer. It’s not only our confidence in their flawless execution or the high quality experience that makes us a proud Dealer. It’s knowing that they don’t just have redundancy and reliability: they have people in place that truly care.

Rapid thoroughly vets employees before hiring them and encourages, coaches and closely manages their teams throughout their years of service. They have incredibly high retention and you get to form a relationship with the people that you come to depend on.

You get 10 times more than you pay for at Rapid Response and so we’ve been here, and we’re staying here, and we’re not going anywhere else. Plus we’re encouraging others that are innovating and developing in the industry this is where they need to be.