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John Holder

Testimonial John Holder


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John Holder’s start in the security industry was in the early 1980s working for Rollins Protective Services. At the time, Rollins was one of the largest security firms in the U.S. As a Security Consultant for Rollins, John designed security systems for homes and businesses. In between working for Rollins and starting Holder Security, John finished college and worked in various levels of management for three of the largest retail companies in the U.S. He finished his career in retail as a district manager responsible for multiple store operations, loss prevention and employee relations for a multi-million dollar district in Colorado. His experience managing and protecting company assets has provided Holder Security with the expertise to provide solutions with a focus on potential areas of loss for a wide range of clients with varying and specific needs relating to external and internal loss prevention systems.

In 1997, John decided to make a career change and return to the security industry, founding a new security company that was first under the name Colorado Protective Services. The start-up worked out of John’s basement. In 2002, to further differentiate themselves from other companies, the company was incorporated under the family name as Holder Security. That year also saw their transition to Rapid as a monitoring provider. This was in response to Holder’s monitoring company selling off and the need to align with a partner that had greater technology, remote connectivity to the monitoring center and the ability to help Holder grow.

The business has grown from a start-up in John’s basement providing only residential security systems to one of the fastest growing companies in Colorado servicing residential, commercial, industrial, and governmental clients.

Today, Holder offers intrusion, fire alarms, monitored video and connected home services (where they are currently seeing the most growth). They continue to rely on Rapid’s dealer access apps, such as Rapidmobile, RapidLink and RapidWeb, daily and have deployed Rapid’s customer apps, MySecurity Account and MySecurity Account Pro to many of their subscribers.


We are an independent company located in Colorado, but Rapid’s service makes us feel like they are right next door. The connectivity they provide gives us real-time updates on our accounts and the ability to react quickly to any issues across our account base. This is invaluable in providing great customer service.
No matter if you’re starting a business, if you’re an established business or if you’re a company with a central station, Rapid is going to treat you as their most valued client, regardless of your size. That’s pretty rare in business today.