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Rex Verley

Testimonial Rex Verley


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NextGen was founded in 1998, originally serving the Las Vegas, NV area as the sole provider of low voltage fire alarm and security systems. Since that time, the company has expanded its services to focus on large engineered fire systems, large network cabling, data, fiber and infrastructure. They conduct up to 1,200 fire systems inspections each month including alarm systems, fire sprinklers, fire pumps, fire extinguishers and fire hydrants. Areas experiencing the most growth include high-end video surveillance and remote video verification by the monitoring center.

NextGen maintains a robust AES network and is a leading Notifier and DMP dealer.

NextGen partnered with the same monitoring provider for years, but found that much of the service they received was unsatisfactory. They were not getting all of the data they needed to provide a good experience for their customers and calls were being transferred multiple times before a customer received help. These experiences led them to transition to Rapid Response where they now utilize Rapid’s custom in-house developed apps to more efficiently manage their business and allow customers to connect to their monitored accounts.


People in the industry I trusted told me Rapid was the best. As an engineered fire systems integrator, it’s their attention to detail that makes the difference to us. Their level of redundant technology AND people far surpasses that of my previous monitoring provider. It’s almost indescribable how hyperfocused they are on delivering quality service. I will never forget the transition to Rapid. It took place at 5:00 AM and when the transfer team called it was like speaking with NASA. It was impressive to see so many people were dedicated to my account transition. I’ve never seen anything like what they do for their Dealers. Nobody takes it to the Nth degree like they do.