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Optimizing Your Security Business With CSaaS: A Guide To Hosted & Hybrid Monitoring

The security monitoring landscape is constantly changing as new technologies are born. Remaining ahead of the curve could involve a significant investment in time, money, and resources -- but it doesn't have to. Let's explore options to help your business thrive this year.  

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What is CSaaS? 

Between technology updates, security enhancements, and pandemic-induced staffing issues, maintaining a “business as usual” approach no longer works.

Undoubtedly, the migration towards cloud-based technology paved the way for Central Station as a Service. CSaaS unleashes a unique opportunity for businesses to adapt.

A strategic monitoring partnership could be the key to easing the most demanding facets of your business operations.  

CSaaS provides the infrastructure needed to receive, monitor, and manage your alarm traffic, providing the security and redundancy your customers deserve. Whether you’re looking to build an emergency response plan, offload account activity, or recalibrate business initiatives altogether, here are a few options for you to explore: 

Hosted Monitoring 

In the monitoring industry, redundancy could be the difference between life and death. 

With the right provider, Hosted monitoring can improve response times, ensure maximum protection against cybersecurity threats, and equip customers with the high-level service they deserve.

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Under the Hosted model, your team continues doing what they do best. The only difference?

You’ll never have to worry about costly upgrades, such as equipment maintenance, or infrastructure updates. With Hosted monitoring, you can unlock the power and reliability of hardened, fully redundant facilities armed with the latest technology.  

Hybrid Monitoring 

As a result of shifting business objectives, you will need a partner that can adapt alongside your changing needs. Do you want to off-board a select group of accounts, add service offerings you cannot currently support, or plan for a Central Station Sunset?

Hybrid monitoring is a flexible solution designed to support you as your company evolves. This service utilizes all the redundancies and technologies of Hosted monitoring. If you’re ready to say ‘goodbye’ to staffing concerns and employee retention challenges, Hybrid monitoring may be the flexible solution for you.

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Scaling Your Company

Opting for a Hybrid solution reduces unnecessary infrastructure costs, giving you the time, money, and energy necessary to scale your businessWith the right monitoring partner, you’ll feel secure knowing your customers are fully protected. Then, you can focus on the future of your business.  

Rapid Response Monitoring has been providing Hosted and Hybrid monitoring services since 1995. We are currently one of the largest third-party providers in the United States. 

Your Business: Powered By Fully Redundant Facilities  

Our CSaaS hosted monitoring redundancy is taken very seriously.

Our dual fully redundant Command and Data Centers feature mirrored capabilities with multi-redundant systems at all levels.

image of Rapid Response Monitoring Services building

Thus, each facility features:  

  • Redundant power systems with multiple generators and uninterruptible power supply units that are wired in dual or quad-buss configurations 
  • Multi-layer alarm processing system redundancy 
  • Advanced telecommunications with center-respective redundancies 
  • Four local network providers, each with multi-layered redundancies 
  • Dual redundant Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) from two independent network providers with diverse routed dedicated private SONET rings create a 24/7 link between facilities 
  • Dual redundant advanced firewalls and cybersecurity protections 

 As a result of these investments, we’ve fully harnessed advanced technology to ensure continuous up-time and incredible speeds. 

person adjusting a security system

Next-Level Security  

Without a doubt, our advanced network security systems will keep your customer’s account information secure. We employ Next Generation Firewalls, and dual Proofpoint Email Security Gateways to ensure this.

For both Hosted and Hybrid monitoring, data is stored within our redundant data centers, not in the cloud, which means your data is not only secure, but completely backed up. Another advantage to our Hosted and Hybrid monitoring is never having to worry about interrupted service.

Subsequently, If your facility goes down, Rapid Response can seamlessly take over monitoring services for your accounts in real-time. 

image of Rapid Response Monitoring Services employees

Our Team Becomes Your Team  

Only the top 3% of applicants are invited to join #TeamRapid.

Once onboarded, new staff members undergo an extensive six-week training program which begins in the classroom. This gives our Specialists a strong foundation in monitoring, ensuring that their skills are honed to perfection before they even enter the Monitoring Center. 

We must be 100% confident in our employees’ ability to deliver top-tier service before they are permitted to monitor your accounts. 

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Our Technology Becomes Your Technology  

At the forefront of innovation, our in-house Software Development Team continuously enhances the experience of our Dealer partners and their customers with the latest technology.

As a Hosted or Hybrid monitoring Dealer, you gain full access to our Dealer portal, accessible via web and mobile, which simplifies account management. Our dynamic connectivity suite extends to your customers with tools to manage account activity on the go. 

Account Migration, Simplified 

In general, change can be intimidating, especially when the fate of your customers is at stake.

When you partner with Rapid Response, rest assured. You’ll have an entire team to support this transition. First, we take the time to review communication paths, and account information for accuracy before flipping the switch.

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Our Migration Team and Solution Engineers will conduct on-site visits and training to establish relationships with your team and identify adjustments needed before the migration. 

We prioritize long-term solutions, so a vital phase in our migration process involves meticulously reviewing all account data. Ultimately, our team ensures your customer accounts are organized and set up properly.

During the process, we even coordinate with Third Party Providers for a smooth transition.  

Explore Your Options 

Overall, if your business is contemplating a strategic shift, exploring Hosted or Hybrid monitoring solutions could be the game-changer you’ve been seeking. 

To ensure the best decision for your business, be sure to tour the facilities of potential partners. Take the time to visit all locations, not just the primary, to gain insights into daily operations and strengthen relationships before making a commitment.

  three Rapid Response Monitoring Services employees

Come prepared with questions regarding technology and infrastructure updates, hiring processes, and employee training.

Furthermore, this comparative analysis confirms reliability, efficiency, and customer service quality.  

Want To Learn More About Rapid Response Monitoring? 

Above all else, seeing our facilities in action is the best way to gauge our capabilities.

We’re happy to host your visit at any time. Contact us to schedule and take the first step towards a successful partnership today! 


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