Reducing false alarms using rapid text messages helps fast living people use their security monitoring systems for family protection against emergency, burglary or fire alarms only when an actual alarm occurs.
Sixty Eight Percent

of police dispatches are due to customers not answering when the monitoring center calls.

rapidSMS notifies you instantly of an alarm via text message with important information needed to make critical decisions in real time, with the ability to take action quickly.

Emergency notifications and phone alerts, no app download required, allow home monitoring system owners rapid solutions… instant calls for help or immediate cancellation of false alarms. Rapid Short Message Service works on all your devices without downloading any apps. Text messages are answered 80% of the time... to stop false alarms, get rapidSMS.
Mobile alarm management and instant emergency response, no download required, mean security threats and fire alarms can result in an emergency dispatch using simple and fast touch screen instructions.

Quickly Request Help!

Convenience and Safety With no app download required, all security system and fire system rapidSMS subscribers in the protected household can get immediate text message alerts and cancel alarms within seconds.

Immediately receive a text message when an alarm occurs.

False alarms quickly reported using rapidSMS by simply touching the alarm cancellation button, 'Cancel Alarm', reduce alarm system fines, danger to emergency responders reacting quickly and costs of public safety services.

A link in the rapidSMS text message takes you to an interactive window allowing you to respond to the alarm with simple push button control.

Respond in Seconds

rapidSMS notifications can be sent for all alarms or customized for specific types of alarms.

Cancel alarms or dispatch authorities using interactive hand-held control features, the ability to contact emergency contacts and security monitoring systems management.

Empower Your Customers with rapidSMS

Other benefits include:

  • no app download necessary
  • request timely service calls
  • chat with family/team members