Professional • Long-Tenured • Endlessly Trained


There’s more to working at Rapid Response than to make a living. Our people are here to gain a sense of fulfillment, accomplishment, contribution, success and personal worth. We offer them an opportunity to realize their potential and to make a difference to those who depend on us… people like you.

The Cornerstone of Our Mission

We have always made our people the cornerstone of our corporate mission, always recognize how important people are to our organization and always invest heavily in recruitment, meaningful benefits, extensive training… and more training.

Confidence In All Situations

To meet the demands of our training programs, advanced technologies and standards of performance, we employ the most qualified personnel in the industry. Our team exhibits motivation, discipline, analytical ability, capacity to learn and adapt, and the confidence to assist others.

We demand a lot of them, and yet they consistently exceed our expectations.
We are confident they will meet your expectations, as well.

Minimum Requirements


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    Minimum requirements for the position of Central Station Specialist are:

    • A 2-year Associates degree
    • Comparable credits toward a Bachelor’s degree
    • Or two years of military service
    • Full pre-employment drug screening and background checks
    • Previous customer service background is preferred.

    Our intensive six-week training program leading to full certification, is the most rigorous in the industry. It is comprised of:

    • Formal classroom training (3 weeks)
    • Operations training under the tutelage of CCS/Trainers (1-2 weeks)
    • Hands-on training monitored by Supervisory staff (1-2 weeks)

    Additional skills in all areas are developed through one-on-one training with Control Center Floor Trainers or department trainers and/or classroom training conducted by members of the Training Department.

    On-going training, meetings to review policies and procedures, and performance enhancement workshops are regularly scheduled to update and reinforce Central Station Specialists’ skills.

    Control Center Specialists are also tested and evaluated by the Quality Assurance division to evaluate their knowledge and performance and to identify areas that need additional training.

    Specialized training for Dealer Support personnel is administered by departmental trainers and, like Operations personnel, Dealer Support personnel receive ongoing training to improve and update skills.